Saturday, September 22, 2007


Grandpas niece, Patsy, from Idaho came and spent 5 days with us. While she was here, she wanted to go to Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, Medieval Times, Universal Studios and the beach.

On Tuesday Robin, Jason and Patsy and I went to Knotts. Since my mom works at Knotts, she came too. We had A LOT of fun riding the rides seeing the shows and shopping. We really liked the old west section. After we left Knotts, we went to Medieval Times which is a dinner show where knights in shining armor battle for the right to be king. There are 6 knights and when you enter, you are assigned a knight to cheer for. OUR KNIGHT WON. There were beautiful horses that did tricks and there even was a falcon flying around. It was a GREAT show. The food was just as great!!! If anyone has the opportunity to see it, we highly reccomend it.

On Wednesday, we all went to Disneyland including G-pa, Dad and Louise. Chad, Meagan Ashlin and one of Meagans nieces also came along. It was a FANTASTIC day. We went on MANY rides and saw several shows. It was great being around so many family members. It was so great that Dad, Louise and Grandpa each got passes and think we should go to Disneyland at least once a month as a family. Also another good thing was that Grandpas knees did not hurt him at all during Disneyland and the entire next day.

On Thursday, Robin and I took Patsy to Universal Studios. We had fun seeing the shows and riding the 2 thrill rides. One of the shows we saw was based upon the movie Water World. We sat in the 1st row and was SOAKED even before the show started. There were people in the show throwing buckets and buckets of water at the audience. We got even wetter during the show. The 2 thrill rides we went was a water ride based on Jurrasic Park and a rollercoaster based on the movie Revenge of the Mummy. Jurrasic Park has a steep, tall drop that gets riders drenched. The rollercoaster is in the dark and goes REALLY fast then stops suddenly then goes backwards. They were great rides.

Friday we wanted to take an easy day so we went to the beach for a couple of hours, went out to dinner, went to Downtown Disney for a few hours and came home to watch a movie on our home movie projector. Patsy wanted to take some seashells home to her 14 grandchildren. Patsy and I waded in the water up to our waist to get the best shells. We also walked along the pier. It was fun once we got past all the sand in our clothes. Once we got home and showerd we went out to dinner to Red Lobster, Patsys favorite restraunt. Patsy then wanted to go pearl diving at Downtown Disney. We thought it would be fun if Robin Jason and I also could get pearls too, so we did. After Downtown Disney we came home and watched a movie projected above our fireplace. We watched Firehouse Dog. It was a cute movie.

Patsy went home today. We are sorry to see her go. We love having family and friends stay over and spend time with us. We hope other family will come and enjoy the accomidations of our "hotel". Bonnie, we bet you are jealous that Patsy got to see the cats before you did.

Next week Robin, Jason, Grandpa and I are going on our own vacation. We are going to spend a week touring Lake Powell and Durango Colorado. Grandpa wants to see Lake Powell one more time before he goes blind and Jason wants to go on the Durango Train. We will write more about this trip on our next blog.