Wednesday, February 13, 2008

We haven't updated our blog for awhile so I guess I will do it now. On February 2nd was G-mas one month since she passed away. We went to the cemetary to put more flowers on her grave. When we got there we noticed that the flowers we put there 3 weeks before were still fresh and BEAUTIFUL!!!! Although the weather had a lot to do with the flowers condition, we said G-ma must have been taken care of them and that the flowers must know she loved roses. We ended up putting the flowers we brought on a family friends grave.

On Feb. 8th was a one month anniversary since G-mas funeral. It also happened to be Robin and I's @*th birthday. G-pa said he needed to do something to keep his mind off the date so we all went to Disneyland. Robin, our mom and I got to Disneyland when it opened (9AM). Dad and Louise came about an hour later and G-pa and Jason arrived at 1PM. We had SO MUCH fun. We went on MANY rides and saw several shows. It was the 1st time we all went to Disneyland as a family in A LONG time. My favorite part of the day was G-pas reaction at seeing the fireworks show for the 1st time. He was enthrawled with the fireworks. Now he finally got to see the show that we could hear from out house everynight.

The night after our birthday, a group of our friends from our YSA ward threw Robin and I a birthday party. It was an absolute blast!!!! There were about 50 people there with food, music, games and laughter. They made us a birthday cake and gave us many gift certificates to places. Robin and I were shocked about how many people showed up. It is so wonderful to belong to such a great ward.