Thursday, August 13, 2009

What an AMAZING couple of months!!!!

Sorry for the long time without updateing. We have had extremely busy, but fun couple of months!!!!! We will update with more posts and pictures within the next 2 weeks. PLEASE keep checking back and PLEASE post comments!!! We all love and miss you!!!
On Friday Aug. 7th, we went to an Angels Baseball game. It was the 15th Annual Mormon Night at Angels Stadium. They played against the Texas Rangers. Although the Angels lost (9 to 3) it was still a GREAT night!!!!!

On Saturday morning Aug, 8th Robin and I had to wake up really early so we could get to the All California State YSA Conference by 9 AM. The Conference was held near each of the 7 Temples in California and was attended by 12,000 Young Single Adults. Robin and I went to the Newport Beach location where 1,800 people attended. The day was filled with 4 workshops, a service project (tying 150 quilts), different recreational activities, food and a dance that lasted until 11:30 PM.

On Sunday morning Aug. 9th, we arrived at the Conference early again because our ward and another ward sang during the Sacrament Meeting portion of the Conference. We sang a medley of 3 hymns (Where Can I Turn for Peace/Be Still My Soul/Our Saviors Love) which overwhelmingly brought the spirit to the meeting. We had several speakers including the area 70 and his wife Elder and Sister Dalton whom we have known our entire lives. Our final speaker to end the AMAZING fireside was a broadcast from Elder and Sister Perry.

This Conference was a historic event and was closely watched by the General Authorities of the church to see if it would succeed in all of the goals they set. BOY DID IT SUCCEED!!!! The General Authorities goals included 10,000 YSA attend the conference and 10,000 temple ordinances performed in 3 months. Almost 12,000 YSA attended the conference and 69,612 temple ordinances were performed in the 12 weeks before the conference (thats almost 7 times the amount the goal that was set for). All the temples in California were FLOODED with YSA, and we were told the temple workers were "frazzled" trying to keep up with us. The temple work portion of the Conference was such a success that all the Temples in California will have the 8 PM session Tues-Fri reserved just for the YSA. I hope the temple workers during those session will be just as frazzled as they were for the past 12 weeks.

I KNOW that this Conference will spread country and world wide!!!! We felt so honored to be apart of this life changing event!!! This Conference and 12 weeks leading up to it, was designed to strengthen our personal relationship with Christ, gain a deep testimony for missionary and fellowship work and to make personal life improvements.