Friday, May 28, 2010

Busy Times UPDATED!!!! (Now with pics and slideshows)

I guess we should update what has been going on since our last post (although no one leaves comments).

At the end of March, Robin and my Singles Ward (the Placentia 4th Ward) was involved in a Roadshow. We spent all of February learning the music and all of March learning the script. Our skit was based on what it is truly like in the P4 Ward during the summer.

First let me explain some things about our P4 Ward. 1) every Sunday after church we have what is called Linger Longer. Our former bishop (Bishop Shultz) runs a catering business. Each Sunday before church the Linger Longer Committee goes to his house to pick up the left over food from the parties he catered during the week. During Relief Society/Priesthood and Sunday School the Linger Longer Committee heat up the food and set out the tables, chairs and eating supplies. Robin and I were on that committee for 4 years before we got our current callings. 2) For most of the year our ward is extremely friendly and we get along WONDERFULLY together. We are ALWAYS having activities. There is an activity scheduled at least 5 nights a week. Besides the scheduled activities, we find ANY tiny, little excuse to have a party or get together. Although there is over 150 members in the ward, we all know each other and we all enjoy being together. 3) The friendliness of the ward stops during the summer if the person is in one of 2 groups A) Bug Boys or B) College Girls. The Bug Boys are a group of guys from BYU who are hired by a exterminator company to go door to door to get business for the company. The Regular Guys (the guys who are in the ward year round) HATE the Bug Boys because the Bug Boys date and marry all the Regular Women . The RG even have a I HATE the Bug Boys group on Facebook and all of the RG are members. The Regular Women don't like College Girls that much (but we don't HATE them as nearly much as the RG HATE the Bug Boys) because all of the RG date and marry the College Girls.

The skit was about the 1st Linger Longer of the summer. The RG and the RW are dating and everyone is happy. In walks the BB and the CG and everything falls apart. The RG leave the RW to date the CG. The RW leave the RG to go after the BB. After some drama, the RG and the RW get back together and the BB and the CG get together.

Robin and I were cast as "diners" (extras). This meant that we didnt have to worry about the drama of the love square. Robin and I had a speaking part that we said together. The only guy diner (Ted, not MY TED but a different Ted) acted like he had rude table manners, including chewing with his mouth open. Our line was "Just chew your food like everybody else does, silently and with your mouth closed". It was hard enough trying to keep Ted's tie clean.

It was THE BEST Roadshow out of the entire stake. We all had A BLAST doing it and wished we could do it again!!!!! We hope to have a video of the Road Show on our Blog soon. Watch for updates!!!!!

A few days later, we decided to go spend the day in Hollywood!!!!! We saw ALOT of "stars" as we walked up and down the HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME. We stopped at GRAUMAN'S CHINESE THEATRE, ate lunch at DISNEY'S SODA FOUNTAIN (a soad fountain and restraunt owned by Disney. It's located right next door to the famous movie theatre that Disney also owns called THE EL CAPITAN).

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In the beginning of May, Robin was taking a shower in the master bathroom. As she was showering, I heard water dripping in the kitchen so I went to investigate. Sure enough, the water from the shower was dripping from the kitchen ceiling. We ended up having to replace the entire shower. We spent a few days looking for tile and then it took a tile laying company 8 days to redo the shower. Robin and I LOVE our new shower!!!!!

After we got the master bathroom shower redone, Grandpa decided to redo the downstairs shower. We spent another few days picking out the tile (Jason didn't like our shower) and another 7-10 days to re -tile it. Grandpa and Jason like their new shower too!!!
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The evening before Mother's Day Robin and I went to see a Celtic Women concert. Celtic Women is a group of 5 women from Ireland who sing traditional Celtic music along with singing modern songs. They are on PBS quite a bit. Robin LOVES Celtic Women (and Celtic Thunder, the male version of Celtic Women) and has always wanted to go see them. Robin has seen all of their shows on T.V. and has all of their albums. Just before Christmas, I found out the CW was going to be in town and talked Grandpa into buying her and I tickets to go see them. It was an AMAZING concert and we had EXCELLENT seats. Now Robin is scouring the Internet to figure out when Celtic Thunder is going to be in SoCal.

The day after Mother's Day, Robin and I took a trip with our mom to visit her family in Tulsa Oklahoma. Robin and I surprised our Grandma for her birthday. She about fainted when we walked in the door. We spent 7 days there and got to meet family we had never met before. We stayed with our Grandma and Aunt Laura who we we met 12 years ago when we graduated high school. We got to meet our cousins Bridget (and her 5 year old son JR), Fred and Dan, our 2 uncles Rick and Carlson and our 2 aunts Kim and Jayne. We didn't get to meet 3 of our cousins Richard (because he is on an aircraft carrier training to go to Iraq) and Aaron and Afton (although they live within 1 mile of Grandmas house, they are both introverts and hardly ever leave their rooms)

Grandma has cancer and had a round of chemo. the day after we got there. She was sick and slept all but our last 2 days there. Since Grandma was sick, Bridget was our activities director and tour guide. One night she decided at 12:30 that she was going to take us on a cruise around town. She also took us to the street fair 3 times (she met a guy there that ran one of the food stands), a pow-wow (her mom is 1/2 Cherokee and Bridget is 1/4 Cherokee), the Hard Rock Hotel and the Will Rodgers Museum. Although we had to dodge tornado's and thunderstorms we had a lot of fun running around with Bridget and meeting most of the family. We had SO MUCH FUN with Bridget that she is coming to visit us soon.

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Latley, our indoor cats, Ripley and Cali, have decided that they would rather be outdoor cats. When anyone opens the front door, they both try to race outside. We don't understand why they would trade their lush, carefree indoor life for the dangers that the outdoor life brings.

Speaking of cats, our friend Alycia, just started to volunteer for a cat rescue organization. She is helping with bottle feeding abandoned kittens. She recieved her first kitten, she is between 1-2 weeks old. The next day, Amber and I went with her to pick up 5 more kittens. These kittens are less than a week old (they still have their eyes closed). Now she just recieved 4 more kittens (we havent seen them yet). So now she has 10 small kittens that she is fostering. This is on top of the cat and dog she already has.

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Robin and I will try to update more offten so we don't have soooo much to cram into one post. ENJOY untill next time!!!!!!!