Friday, November 30, 2007

Grandma was released from the hospital yesterday afternoon. Everyone thinks she was released too soon. She was still terrible yesterday and through the night. She had a hard time breathing. She needed complete oxygen, breathing treatments and needed to be suctioned out every half hour.

This morning the care center called saying that they were going to rush her to another hospital. The nurse in the care center didn't expect her to live through the day (again). A couple hours after G-pa, Dad and I arrived at the hospital, the doctor told us that they did a lot of tests on G-ma and they all came back normal. She has all the symptoms of pneumonia but her lungs are completely clear in x-rays only. But, every hour she has 1 cup of fluid drained from her lungs. G-ma will stay in the hospital until they can figure out what is wrong and get it all cleared up. We left the hospital at 8:30 and she seemed to be doing a tiny bit better, but not much.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Hello Everyone. We hope everyone had a FUNtastic Thanksgiving. Ours was great!!! Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Mike flew down to spend Thanksgiving with us. Dad and Louise also came over. It was Jasons 29th birthday so we had a little party for him. Robin and I put together a train puzzle of the steam engine we took in Durango and Silverton (interestingly the puzzle was the EXACT same engine (there are 6 different ones that take that route) we took and it had the car we rode in on it too). Robin and I also made Jason a shirt of him standing in front of the steam engine wearing a Conductors outfit. G-pa gave him some train videos and a train car to go to his Polar Express train. Dad gave him $50. Bonnie was going to take Jason out to lunch to his favorite restaurant The Spaghetti Factory.

We had a FANTASTIC dinner. We all pitched in to make the dinner. We had turkey, cheesy potato's, green bean casserole, rolls, home-made stuffing and apple pie. YUMMY!!!

The day after Thanksgiving was not a good day. Robin had to be at work at 3:30 in the morning because Kohls opened at 4; we got a call at 5:30 from the care center G-ma is at to tell us she was jerking violently; we called the care center back at 9 to see how G-ma was doing only to find out that the care center called 9-1-1 because her oxygen levels were almost non-existent. we asked what hospital 9-1-1 took her to but the care center didn't know.; 4 hours later we track G-ma down and find out that she has double pneumonia a kidney and urinary tract infections. Each November-January of the past 3 years she has gotten the EXACT same thing. Each time G-ma is just moments away from dying for several weeks but somehow rallies and pulls through. Right now G-ma is getting anti-biotics and breathing treatments but she is still in very bad shape. PLEASE keep her in your prayers. We will update everyone on her condition.