Thursday, January 21, 2010

Alot has happened since the last update: We went out of town for a few days; I went bowling with my co-workers; and we had HEAVY rain for 4 days in a row.

Since Jason and I rarely have 3 days off in a row at the same time, our family decide to get out of town for a few days. We belong to a RV park that has 2 locations: One in the mountains at Oak Glen, and another one in Riverside County. We use to always go to the one in Oak Glen durring the Fall when they had their apple season (Oak Glen is VERY FAMOUS for their apples). Since we have never been to the other one, we decided to go to that one instead. Its called FISHERMAN'S RETREAT.

We didnt bring our motorhome,so we stayed in one of the trailers they have.

It was a nice place. They had 3 lakes for fishing. Since we didnt bring our fishing poles, we didnt go fishing. But we had a nice time walking around them. Durring our walk, I pulled out 2 fishing bobbers and a bouncy ball from the water (3 less things polluting the water)

There were alot of different kinds of birds around the lakes.

This is "Ruccus" and "Sounder". The owners of FR said that if they start charging, you should stand your ground. If you run, they will run after you. As we were talking our walk around the lakes, they started charging at me, so I stood my ground. It didnt work. They started attacking and biting me (it didnt hurt). After a few minutes, they walked away. Amber wanted me to go find them so she could take a picture as they attaced me again. She thought it would be HILLARIOUS to caption the picture "Don't meet them the same way Robin met them. They like to get up close and personal". Everyone thinks Amber is the nice and sweet one. If she's SOOOO SWEET, why did she want me to get attacked again just so she could get a picture????? I told her she should be the one to get an "up close and personal" encounter with them. She didnt like that idea.

Jason LOVED it at FR because we were RIGHT by the rail road tracks. We must have seen at least 50 trains while we were there. He didnt sleep much because he was up all night watching trains.

Next to FR was an old school. It was originally gray. Then they painted it the traditional red. Then they painted it back to the origianl gray.

Durring our getaway, we spent a day in Oak Glen (where we use to go). At OG, they have a shopping village, a small zoo, and a museum with both real and stuffed animals. Durring the Fall, it's busy and full of people. But, since is durring their off season, OG was more like a ghost town. But it was nice seeing it again. We hadn't been up there since before Amber and I went on our missions 8 years ago.

We had a GREAT time on our getaway.

Jason's store (Home Depot) is ALWAYS having parties and events. I have be waiting for over 5 YEARS for my store (Kohl's) to have an activity away from the store. I FINALLY got my wish. The night after we got back from the getaway, my store had a party at a nearby bowling alley. About 60 associates showed up. Although I had praticed bowling on our Wii System for 2 days, I didnt bowl very good (who knew there's a difference between Wii bowling and real bowling). I still had fun though.

Since then, we have been held up in our house because of rain. We have had 4 straight days of HEAVY rain. This is because we are in an El Nino year (occurs once every 5 years) El Nino brings ALOT of HEAVY rain to our area. We have had about 6 inches of rain since Monday. If we didnt have a drain in our back yard, our house would have been flooded. The storm on Tuesday brought tornados and tornado warrings. I learned on the news that durring El Nino years, our area of Southern California has more tornados and tornado warrings then any other place this side of the Continental Divide.

This is our back yard

This is the water flowing down the street in front of our house. The water is above the sidewalk.

This is a picture of a leaf floating in our back yard.

This is what we call "The Waterfall". We love going to see it either durring or after a heavy rain storm. You wouldnt know it by looking at it that the ONLY time there is water here is when it rains. If its not raining, it's COMPLETLY dry.

There was SOOO MUCH water here, these boys were using their surf boards to float down the makeshift river.

All this rain gave Amber and I a chance to work on on hobby and allowed us time to update our websites. Here are links to our websites for our hobby:

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We had a busy but fun week!!!!

Hello everyone!!!! Alot has happened since we posted last week. We have been having fun with activities with family and our YSA ward. On Moday, Louise (our step-mom) decided she wanted to have a girls night out with Robin and I. Although she has been married to our Dad for 17 years, this is the first time she has wanted to do something with us. We went out to dinner and then walked around Downtown Disney for a few hours. We had an enjoyable time. Louise bought a pretty new skirt to wear to church.

On Tuesday, Grandpa, Dad, Jason, Robin and I went and saw Avatar in 3-D. Avatar was a FANTASTIC movie!!!! The movie was entertaining, it didn't seem like it was 3 hours long. After the movie, we went out to lunch.

On Wednesday, Grandpa, Jason, Robin and I went to both Knotts and Disneyland. Our mom works at Knotts and although it was her day off, she had some things she needed to do at Knotts. Since she was there also, she tagged along at Knotts and Disneyland. The first thing we did at Knotts was ride the stage coach around the park. I hadn't done that since I was little. It was so much fun!!!! Robin and I got to ride up front with the 2 drivers while the rest were inside. The next thing we did was take the train around the park. Then we went on the mine train ride. We then had lunch, then went on Jaguar and Poney Express.

It was then off to Disneyland for a few hours. We saw the new Great Moments with Abraham Linclon show, It's a Small World (it was still all decorated for Christmas), Mr. Toads Wild Ride and Pirates of the Caribbean. It was nice to get to go to 2 parks in 1 day.

We didn't do anything on Thursday (how boring) but on Friday, Jason, Robin and I went to the movies with Mom. She had 4 movie passes and wanted to take us to Alvin and the Chipmunks. It was a cute movie!!! Robin and I were singing along to most of the songs they played.

On Saturday night, Robin and I went iceskating for the first time with our YSA ward. It was a multi stake activity and over 150 people showing up. Although Robin and I were the only ones holding on to the wall, we still had a very fun evening. I made 8 laps around the arena and only falling once (I didn't get hurt at all). Robin made it around a couple of times too and also only falling once (she also did not get hurt). We both did alot better then I thought we would at our fist time iceskating. I can't wait to go again, next time I will try to come away from the wall (or maybe not)