Thursday, March 29, 2007

Long time no post

We thought it was about time we updated our blog. I am adjusting to wearing contacts instead of glasses (now people are going to have to find a new way of telling us apart). On Monday and Tuesday it took me an hour to put them in and about 45 minutes taking them out. Yesterday it took me 1/2 an hour putting them in and 5 minutes taking them out. Today it only took 5 minutes to put them in. Hopefully I will keep getting better.

We are busy planning a special party for G-mas B-Day. She was born on Easter Sunday back in 1928 and this is the 1st time her B-Day has fallen on Easter since the day she was born. She has been waiting and hoping that she would be around for her B-Day to fall on Easter again. Since it will be her 1st B-Day/Easter we are giving her a 1st B-Day themed party. We are giving her 1st B-Day cards, balloons and put signs up. We hope she will have a good day so she will be able to enjoy and remember it.

On Monday G-ma had the best day she has had in years. When G-pa and I went into her room she said "I sure was mad today" and I asked her why she was mad and she thought for a while and responded "I don't know, but I was sure mad about something". Later on, G-pa was shaving off G-mas whiskers and trimming her eyebrows. During the trimming G-ma sneezed and it scared G-pa. G-ma burst out laughing and laughed for a good 15 minutes. she hasn't laughed so hard for so long in a very long time. She was also talking really good and understood all that G-pa and I were telling her. we told her about her party and she is getting excited for it.

G-pa recently took a trip to Utah to look at homes and property. There are several homes that he likes. Soon, we all are going to drive to Utah for a few days to look at the homes he likes and look at others. Hopefully we will be in Utah in the next couple of months (but we have been saying that for the past 3 years). Well that is all the news from the Thorntons. We will update again soon.

Monday, March 19, 2007

We have been busy the past couple of days with work, doctors appointments, errands and visiting G-ma. G-pa and I had eye appointments a few days a go. G-pas eyes are holding on but may give out any time. My eyesight has gotten a lot worse. But instead of getting different glasses, I have decided to change to contacts. That's right, I can FINALLY stop wearing glasses after 19 years. My contacts have to be special made since I have Astigmatism. I should be getting them sometime this week.

Jason had an appointment with his neurologist today. The tests he took last week shows that he still has mini seizers several times a day. He has to double up on his medication and go back in 2 months. The doctor also says that Jason shouldn't be left alone for more then 4 hours. We have to record on a calender the times and dates when Jason blanks out (when he doesn't respond to our questions or his eyes and his face freeze).

G-ma either sleeps all day or she doesn't sleep at all. On Saturday night G-pa and I were with G-ma for 6 hours. We left at 8:30 that night and she we still wide awake trying to climb out of bed. Yesterday G-pa and I left at 6 because she had been sleeping for about 4 hours.

G-pa is going to be in Utah for a few days to look at homes and property. He leaves tomorrow and comes home on Saturday. Robin and I are going to the Newport Beach Temple for a ward sealings assignment on Saturday. we are excited. We haven't been to the temple in along time because we have had to take care of G-pa and G-ma. Bonnie will be down to visit us soon. We are happy when she visits. Well, that's all the news today. We will probably write more tomorrow. Bye, Love you all.

Friday, March 16, 2007

1 month Anniversary

It has been 1 month since Jacob has been gone. He was such miracle the 6 months he was on earth. He was an inspiration to all who loved him. He showed us all how to love, find joy and how to endure. Although he couldn't talk, sit up, or even breath on his own, he touched countless lives and was a true hero. Even though he is gone he is still changing others lives by making us want to live better and be like him. We miss you Jacob and we promise we will meet you and be able to spend eternity with you.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Nothing much has gone on in the Thornton house since the last post. Yesterday G-pa started feeling dizzy again so he was on the couch all day again. Today Robin had an in-grown toenail removed. Jason also has toenail problems and we are waiting for a referral from his doctor to have it taken care of. Bonnie was suppose to have come down from Utah for a visit but she is feeling miserable so she will come later. We hope she feels better soon. G-pa had the same thing that she has and after one month he still isn't over it yet.

The weather here in SoCal is HOT!!!! It has been in the high 90's for several days. The hot and dry Santa Ana winds are creating trouble. There is a big brush fire about 3-4 miles away that started on Sunday morning. The fire started when someone stole a car and then set the car on fire to destroy evidence. Hopefully the fire will be contained today or tomorrow. We hope everyone has a good week. We will post soon. Love you all!!!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

We have been busy the past couple of days with running errands and visiting G-ma. G-ma had a great day yesterday. She talked quite a bit, more then she has for the past year, and she remembered several trips we took in the past. G-pa asked G-ma if she wanted to move to Utah to be closer to family and to be able to come home. Her response was "Oh, that would be wonderful". So we are all praying that someone will buy our hose soon so we can get up there.

Grandpa has been severely congested for several weeks now and he doesn't seem to be getting much better. He has been to the doctors TWICE (and like most guys it takes a lot of forcing to get him to go once so he must be feeling horrible to go 2 times willingly). Today he also has vertigo to contend with so he has spent the entire day on the couch. Hopefully, he will feel better tomorrow.

Dad and Louise are hanging on too. Louise went to a doctors appointment yesterday and the doctor wants Louise to have surgery in the next couple of weeks. She will probably have to stay home from work for a month. For those who are reading this please pray for her so the surgery will go smoothly and she will recover quickly.

Well that's all the news for today. We hope all is going well with everyone. We love you and hope to hear from you soon.

Monday, March 5, 2007

WOW!!! This is SOOOO COOL!!!