Monday, March 19, 2007

We have been busy the past couple of days with work, doctors appointments, errands and visiting G-ma. G-pa and I had eye appointments a few days a go. G-pas eyes are holding on but may give out any time. My eyesight has gotten a lot worse. But instead of getting different glasses, I have decided to change to contacts. That's right, I can FINALLY stop wearing glasses after 19 years. My contacts have to be special made since I have Astigmatism. I should be getting them sometime this week.

Jason had an appointment with his neurologist today. The tests he took last week shows that he still has mini seizers several times a day. He has to double up on his medication and go back in 2 months. The doctor also says that Jason shouldn't be left alone for more then 4 hours. We have to record on a calender the times and dates when Jason blanks out (when he doesn't respond to our questions or his eyes and his face freeze).

G-ma either sleeps all day or she doesn't sleep at all. On Saturday night G-pa and I were with G-ma for 6 hours. We left at 8:30 that night and she we still wide awake trying to climb out of bed. Yesterday G-pa and I left at 6 because she had been sleeping for about 4 hours.

G-pa is going to be in Utah for a few days to look at homes and property. He leaves tomorrow and comes home on Saturday. Robin and I are going to the Newport Beach Temple for a ward sealings assignment on Saturday. we are excited. We haven't been to the temple in along time because we have had to take care of G-pa and G-ma. Bonnie will be down to visit us soon. We are happy when she visits. Well, that's all the news today. We will probably write more tomorrow. Bye, Love you all.



Go enjoy the sun!! We are all jealous! Drive out to the beach and kick the Pacific for me!