Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy CDH Awarness Day!!!!

Happy CDH Awareness Day to you All, especially to you Jakey,

I hope I have enough CDH Awareness Day items:



Wrist Band:

Even with ALL these things...

It seems like something is missing...

Oh, I know what I forgot...

I forgot the shirts for
Ripley and Cali

Now they can help us
spread the word
about CDH

Happy Birthday to you too, Meagan!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

busy days

I have been busy for the past 5 days doing fun things. On Friday night, I went to the Newport Beach Temple with my ward. I hadn't been to the temple for MANY months so it felt wonderful to go. The spirit is so peaceful and warm in the temple. The temple brought much comfort and peace into my heart. I am grateful and blessed to have a temple so close. Now that things are settled at home more, I will go there often.

On Saturday night my Young Adult ward had an activity where we played a life-sized Clue game. If you know the board game Clue, the activity was JUST like the game but in a life-size form. We all dressed in formal gowns and the men came in their nicest suits. We had a wonderful dinner where the cultural hall was decorated as if we were in a fine restaurant with candlelight and even name plates. The hosts and hostesses were also dressed up in the characters of the board game (Prof. Plumb, Miss Scarlet, Mrs. Peacock, Mrs. White, Col. Mustard, Mr. Green, ect.) During the dinner a "murder" accrued and we had to solve the crime. We had to figure out who the killer was, what room the murder took place in and what weapon was used. We had 35 minutes to search for clues in the several rooms that were decorated to look like the rooms on the board game (ball room, billiards room, kitchen, library, ect.). In the end it was Mrs. White, with the knife in the billiards room (I got 2 out of the 3 correct (I thought the weapon was the revolver). After the game we went to a members home to watch the movie Clue. It was a FANTASTIC night!!!!!

After church on Sunday, Robin and I went over to our friends house for a birthday dinner (I know our birthday was over a month ago but we had been so busy we hadn't gotten around to doing it) better late then never. Our friend made us lasagna that she made from scratch. It was SOOOOO good (lasagna is Robin's FAVORITE food). It was so nice to spend a few hours with our friend and her 2 daughters, Mackenzie 6 years old and Kiley 4 years old. Mackenzie read to Robin and I all evening from her book Cat in the Hat. It is SO wonderful to see Mackenzie read and begin to love books like Robin and I. Our friend doesn't like to read at all and doesn't enjoy reading to her kids. Robin and I vow to continue to encourage Mackenzies love of reading. Kiley kept drawing us pictures all evening and kept asking us how to spell I Love You Aunt Amber (or Robin) which she wrote on all of the pictures she drew for us. I LOVE those girls!!!!!

On Monday night the Older Single Adults invited the family to a waffle cook-out. They had waffles of every kind you could think of. The only waffles they didn't have, that Jason was really bummed about, was Mickey Mouse shaped waffles. Grandpa had a good, although difficult time at the dinner. He cried a few times when people asked how he was doing. He is kind of upset that he is considered single. Although Grandma is gone, he is still very much a married man. It was nice to see a lot of our church friends at the dinner. All in all it was a very nice evening. G-pa is talking about going to some of their upcoming activities (although he isn't single).

Tuesday night Robin and Jason both had the day off so we went to see a movie, Dad came along too. Bonnie really recommended Enchanted so we saw it. The only place where it was still showing around us (since it comes out on DVD in less then a week) was at Downtown Disney (a shopping strip at Disneyland). After the movie, we wanted to ride the Monorail around Disneyland. We thought that you could ride on it round trip but we ended up having to get off inside Disneyland (bummer). Since we had to get off anyways, we decided to go on a ride. After we rode the ride twice we got back on the Monorail and went out to dinner. It was a nice evening.

Well now that I'm a social butterfly, I have to figure out what to do for the next 2 evenings. Any suggestions????? Oh wait, I'm having Visiting Teachers coming over Thursday night so I need suggestions for Wednesday night.