Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our Birthday

Last week was Robin and my #)th birthday. We really didn't do too much for our birthday because of the economy and also it has been raining off and on all month. For our birthday Jason took us out to breakfast (which wasn't very much because our breakfast was free). Later that day Robin and I went to the mall just to look around (we didn't buy anything). Grandpa made us tatter Tot Casserole for dinner and then our mom, Jason, Robin and I went to Downtown Disney for 2 hours.

The day after our birthday, our Dad took us out to breakfast and then took us to the shops at Knotts for a few hours (we didn't buy anything there either). Later that night, Dad, Louise, our Mom, Grandpa, Jason, Robin and I went to a Ribs/Seafood restaurant for dinner. After that, we came home for cake and ice cream. Our mom got us a $25 gift card for Disneyland shopping and our Dad gave us an amethyst (our birthstone) necklace and ear ring set.

The weather has been better this week and both Robin and Jason had the day off, so today we did our birthday gift from Grandpa, WHALE WATCHING!!!! We have never been whale watching before so we thought that would be something fun to do for such a big occasion. We took a whale watching boat out of Newport Beach and was out about 2 1/2 hours. We didn't see very much but it was still a very enjoyable day. We saw 1 whale (just his back), 5-7 dolphins and about 10 Sea Lions. The group that came back about 30 minutes before we left saw 100's and 100's of dolphins but no whales or Sea Lions. The weather was perfect and the Ocean was beautiful and calm.