Saturday, June 16, 2007

Jason has a kidney infection

Yesterday Grandpa allowed Jason and I to spend a few hours at Disneyland while he was visiting Grandma. As Jason and I were arriving at Disneyland, Jason got a sever pain on his right side. After a few minutes he was in agony. I immediately called Grandpa to ask what I should do. Grandpa told me to take him to the hospital so I did. Dad met me there a few minutes later.

The ER found out he had kidney stones but he also had a bad kidney infection. Jason spent the night in the hospital. He was released earlier today and is feeling fine now. He has some medication for his infection and he is suppose to take it easy for a couple of weeks.

While in the hospital all Jason was worried about was his Disneyland 50th Anniversary T-shirt he was wearing and getting about 40 Disney pins that our mom had for him. That's just like Jason!!!

P.S. Louise is recovering well from her surgery. Even the doctor is amazed about how well she is doing. Thank-you for keeping her in your prayers.


Bonnie said...'re not allowed to put anymore medical blogs on for a while. We want to hear about Young Adult activities you're going to, movies you're seeing, and secret crushes! Got it? Love ya!

Jenn said...

Secret Crushes?! Girls, you are holding out on us here.