Friday, August 3, 2007

For the 3 people who actually read our blog, we have had a busy couple of weeks. Robin and I went on a YSA camp out. There were 5 YSA wards there so there were lots of people, food and games. Robin and I were up until 3 AM playing games with a few of the other campers. One of the games had to be played on a big field so 16 of us squeezed into a mini van and drove to a field in the park we were staying at. It took us 2 hours to play and we didn't get back until 2 AM and then we sat and taked and played Moffia for another hour. On Saterday morning we had a BIG waterfight and other games. We had A LOT of fun!!!!!!!

Last week our family and about 5,000 other LDS people went to the 10th Annual Mormon Night with the Angels (the local pro baseball team). The Angels POUNCED the Detroit Tigers 13-6. The Angels got 6 of their runs in the 1st Inning. After the game, there was a great fireworks show. We all had a lot of fun and the family got to meet alot of the people in our YSA group.

The kittens are doing great!!! They LOVE being together. They keep each other entertained and out of trouble (sometimes)!!!! Ripley LOVES to chase 2 certain balls around the house. She chases thoes 2 balls around for hours. For a while the 2 balls were missing and Ripley was REALLY sad. Ripley wouldn't play or eat much. She would just lay around looking sad. Then last night she found the balls and she has been a little tornado ever since. Cali does everything she can to get Ripley to play with her and as soon as Ripley touches her she starts mewoing like Ripley is killing her. She is SUCH a WHINER!!!! Cali is also fearless. The only thing we have found that she is scared of is the vaccume. She LOVES jumping off high things and she LOVES to play rough and tumble with Ripley. For one so small she sure has a brave and tough spirit.



The camping sounds like a pretty sweet trip! Did you tent it or were there cabins?


Bonnie said...

Since my earlier post didn't show up, I will REPOST. I'm proud of you guys for going on the camping trip! It sounds like it was loads of fun.

Im still looking forward to meeting Cali and Ripley. Since I start back to work next week, it might be a while though.

Amber, I hope you're feeling better.

Meagan said...

Your YSA ward sounds like a lot of fun!! Glad you had a good time!!