Friday, April 24, 2009

EarthShake, Rattle and Roll!!!!!

Yorba Linda was really shaking, rattling and rolling yesterday!!!! Just before 5 PM 2 strong jolts hit Yorba Linda (about 8 months a go we also had a 5.8 jolt). Robin and I were out and about and was stopped at a red light when our car began shaking. I thought it was the car behind us bumping into us. After a few moments we realized it was an earthquake. We immediately called home and Grandpa answered with "WOW, that was a jolt!!!" He told us that it sounded like an entire army shot of rifles in the house. It was 2 extremely strong and loud bangs. Jason was walking when it hit and it knocked him off his feet. When Robin and I got home we looked it up on the computer and saw that the quake was 3.8, 3 miles deep (most quakes are at least 10 miles deep) and centered 2 miles from our house. We pin-pointed the spot where it happened and found out that Robin and I was 1 block away from the epicenter. Thank goodness only a few things fell down and nothing broke. The pets were sure scared the rest of the day, especially Ripley, Kodi and Koda. Cali didn't seem to be scared.
At 8:30 PM we were hit with an even bigger quake. Robin was taking a bath, Jason was upstairs watching t.v. and Grandpa and I were watching the Lakers and Jazz game. All of the sudden there was another HUGE jolt. Robin was stepping out of the tub when it hit and it made her fall down. She has a huge knot and bruise on her leg. 1 minute after the jolt there was another big jolt. The biggest of the jolts measured 4.0, was 1 FOOT (right on the surface) and was 1 mile from the house. The 2nd jolt was only 2.6 and was 2 miles deep. Once again just a few things fell but some of them broke.
Grandpa thought it would be safer for us to sleep in the motor home in case we got more quakes. We wouldn't have to worry about anything falling on us and the metal frame of the motor home wouldn't shake as bad as the wood frame of our house. We had 3 smaller quakes (measuring 2.5-1.8) though out the rest of the night but we barely felt them. I think Yorba Linda got its fill of earthquakes for quite awhile. Hopefully we won't have any more jolts.


Amber said...

We just had quake #7. This one was 3.1 and another surface quake. It was centered about 2 miles from the house.