Tuesday, April 6, 2010

2 local Marines are laid to rest

2 Marines from Yorba Linda (Lance Copl Rick Centanni and Sgt. Maj. Robert J. Cottle) were killed by an IED in Afghanistan 2 weeks ago. Today was Centannis' funeral. He was killed a few days before his 20th birthday and he attended the same Elementary, Middle and High Schools we attended. To show our support and gratitude, the town lined the streets as the 5 mile long funeral procession drove past. There were thousands and thousands of people wearing red, white and blue, waving flags of all sizes and holding home made signs.

Dad, Jason and I walked to the corner that was across the street from the church where the funeral was at (Robin was at work but she got to see it and Grandpa was sick). We all wore red, white and blue shirts, we brought 6 flags to wave and I made a sign that read "All Give Some You Gave All. Thank-You". We waved the flags proudly and held the sign up as the white Hurst then the family bus and then the hundreds of police cars from all over Southern California drove past.

Sgt. Maj. Robert Cottle's funeral is tomorrow. His family wants it to be a private affair so there won't be the big procession). He was 47 years old when he was killed. He worked on the Los Angeles/Long Beach Police Department before becoming a Marine. He leaves behind his wife of 2 years and their 9 month old daughter. Thank-you for your sacrifice for protecting our freedom and to help insure the freedom of others.