Friday, April 20, 2007

been busy

,We are sorry for the long time without updating. We have been really busy. Last week Robin Jason and I took G-pa to Disneyland for the day. We all had A LOT of fun. Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Mike spent a few days with us. They came down for a family funeral of Bonnies uncle, Jim Amonette. Jim was a great man who will be missed by MANY people.

An interesting thing happened to me last week. I was sitting in the family room when i heard a bird fly into the window. I went to check to see if the bird was alright. As I opened the sliding glass door, I saw a Humming Bird laying on the ground. I picked the Hummimg Bird up and held and stroked the Humming Bird for about 10 minutes. It was amazing to hold a Humming Bird what is more amazing was that exactly 3 years to the day another Humming Bird flew into our window and I got to hold that one for 15 minutes.

Jason is on extended sick-leave for work because he is having complications with his siezier medication. The doctors are trying to figure out the best dose for him but until then he can't go to work. Hopefully they will get it straightend out soon.

G-pas knees are hurting him worse then they ever have before. He is in agoney every moment and nothing helps. He has an appointment with his knee surgon soon and maybe he can come up with something to help G-pa.

We are all planning a trip to Utah for awhile to look at houses and to visit family. We are also planning on visiting family in Idaho while we there. It will be a fun trip. We hope we will find a house that will live up to G-pas high expectations but I doubt it.



Souds like someone is have a rough day! Hope everything gets a little bit better everyday.