Monday, April 9, 2007

Hope everyone had a happy easter

we hope everyone had a "Hoppy" Easter, we sure did. Robin and I spent several months planning a special birthday party for Grandma. Grandma was born on Easter Sunday in 1928 and this was the 1st time since she was born that her birthday fell on Easter. Since we are sure that Grandma never had a 1st birthday party and it was also the 1st time that Easter was on the 8th, we decided to throw her a 1st Bithday party. We decorated her entire room with 1st birthday and fun to be 1 decoratons and banners. Robin and I also gave her an easter egg hunt on her back patio. We also had a pin the egg on the rabbit game and The dice game. The party was a blast!!!!!

Robin and I also went all out on buying her presents. We got her a cute Princess hat that she can wear when she goes outside; a Build-a-Bear that says 6 different things; a ball that she can throw (which she did several times yesterday); several books that we can read to her when we visit her; an MP3 player that we downloaded music that she use to listen to when she was a teenager; a picture frame that says "Then and Now" that has a picture of Grandma when she was 1 year old and a picture of her that was taken of her on the 7th ;and many things that went in her Easter basket. Grandpa bought her several outfits and he and Bonnie and Chad bought her over 6 dozzen roses. They are absolutley beautiful!!!!

There were many people who came to the party. 10 people from the ward dropped by, Our best friend and her 2 daughters, Dad and Lousie came by for and hour, and of course Grandpa, Jason and Robin and I. We all had a lot of fun.