Friday, May 25, 2007

Our Buick is sick

Our Buick has not been feeling well at all this week. On Monday we took the Buick in to get the gas gage fixed because it was being weird. We picked it up Tuesday morning. By Tuesday afternoon the gas gage went back to being weird so we took it back. G-pa picked it up Wednesday morning and on his way home from picking the Buick up and running a few errands, the battery went dead. Luckily we had a car charger to charge it up. G-pa took the Buick back to the shop to get a new battery for it. The Buick worked fine but we noticed the air conditioner wasn't working so on Friday we took it back to the shop so they could get the air conditioning to work. Friday afternoon the shop called us to let us know that when they put the new battery in, it messed up the computer that controls everything in the Buick so they would have to probably rebuild the entire computer system. The shop called today saying that they got it all fixed now. Hopefully the Buick is feeling much better now and nothing else will go wrong.