Monday, May 21, 2007

Sorry (again) for the long time no update. It would be easier to update the blog if there were actually things to write about, but there isn't. Its the same ol same ol. Robin works most nights and the rest of us spend our days with G-ma. G-ma is doing ok, she just cries a lot because she thinks that she still hurts and she wants to come home.

Louise is having surgery on June 12th. She will spend the night in the hospital and then recoperate at home for one month. Please keep her in your prayers.

G-pas knees are still hurting. He has gone to 2 doctors about them but they can't do anything for them. G-pa is also upset because he has been unable to get some of his medication. The medical company (Medco) has been calling us everyday this month saying that they can't fill his perscription because they have been unable to get a hold of his doctor (Dr. Hess). They said that there was some information missing on the perscription and needed Dr. Hess to fix it. Dr. Hess has called Medco at least 4 times and has sent 3 faxes and has even sent them all new perscriptions. Medco still calls saying that they have no record of Dr. Hess speaking to or sending any faxes to them. G-pa has gone this entire month without some of his medication (including his pain pills) just because Medco can't get their act together. Dr Hess says that if G-pa doesn't recieve his medication today then he will press legal action against Medco. HAHAHA!!! I hope Dr. Hess gives it to them.